Saturday, October 09, 2004

So You Want to Live Here...

What a beautiful day in Baños. Sunny and warm, and it is too bad that you are all not here to enjoy it.

There have been many questions about the procedures for obtaining a visa to live permanently here in Ecuador. The requirements are few and the procedures are simple, at least when you compare them with a lot of other countries. There are six types of visas easily obtainable that will apply to almost any situation. The two most popular are the visa for a retired person 10-I and the 10-II for the person that wants to invest in property.

There are many lawyers who make a good living helping foreigners obtain these visas, when you can easily do it yourself. You do need one letter drawn up by a lawyer and that will cost around $30.00. The rest of the process is easy.

In conjunction with a local attorney we have put together a package of all of the necessary forms and procedures to make the immigration process painless. Since all of the forms must be presented in Spanish we have given the instructions in English with easy to follow examples making it easy to follow even if you have no knowledge of Spanish. This package is available for only $20.00, which includes the certified mail charge. The estimated time for delivery is two weeks. If you are interested just click on the buy button. Satisfaction is guaranteed by me..

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