Saturday, July 15, 2006

Up-Date on Tungurahua

Yesterday during the day the activity of Tungurahua increased with almost 300 explosions and 26 quakes recorded. There were also reports of some mud flows because of the rains in the area. However in the early evening the activity increasd and for the first time since 1999 that there was significant lava flow.

I was in Ambato last night and although Ambato is about 20 miles or less (as the bird flies) from the volcano we had an impressive view of the eruptions that lasted until around 9:30.

Since the crater is a little off center and faces North, I am sure that we had a view of the lava flow that was not seen in Baños.

The mayor of Baños suggested a voluntary evacaution of the city and many people who had cars left, and many from Ambato and surrounding communities went to Baños to help evacuate friends and relatives. What percentage left...I have no idea but my guess is that it was small.

The big problem is the ash which polutes the air. So far here in Ambato there has been no significant fallout as the prevailing winds have taken it in another direction.

If any of my friends in Baños are reading this, I would appreciate a first hand report of what the feeling was and is, in the city. Please e-mail me at I will have more info later.

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