Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tungurahua, Spouting Off

Posted by Picasa Tungurahua has been putting on quite a show the last few weeks, and not since 1999 has there been talk of another evacuation.

The seismic activity continues to increase with more than 100 hundred explosions on some 24 hurs periods, with emissions of gas and ash. The explosions vary in intensity, some strong enough to break windows in nearby villages.

The people living in main risk areas been advised to pay attention to the status reports as the volcano is changing. At night you can see the fiery eruptions when there is a break in the clouds. The fact that the steam emissions create instant clouds does not help the viewing either.
Business is also efffected....Baños is concerned with its tourist business and the other communites are concerned with the health of their livestock and the condition of their produce

Everyone is a little nervious at this time remembering well October 1099.

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