Thursday, July 08, 2004

More info from Baños

After two and a half months here in Baños, I am becoming the local gringo viejo who can be found most anywhere. I have met several Lonely Planet “posters” who have wandered in and out of town. I had the pleasure of meeting Latitude 26 when she was here in June. A lovely lady, and I hope she comes back soon.

My project with the big house has come to standstill. There are six owners of the property and the owners in Mexico and the United States can not agree with the owners here in Ecuador. I was in the middle. A very uncomfortable place to be. On the 3rd of July I stepped back a few meters and let them battle it out. I am still here and am finding it very hard to accept the idea of living. The area is a paradise and I am finding that a family could live very well here for $500.00 per month. At the present time I have moved into the Hostel Carolina, with a large room and a terrace overlooking the city with a kitchen available if needed. Also has private bath, hot water, flush toilet and cable TV. All of this for $75.00 per month.

I also found a restaurant next door that offers a very broad menu and Internet access. If you go there for breakfast you get 15 minutes of Internet free. For any other meal you can use the Internet at no cost while waiting for your meal to be served. The name is T. J.´s on 16 de Deciembre.

I am sorry that I have had to pass up some good discussions on this branch because I do not have direct Internet access. I hope to get settled into somewhere soon where I can have my on line and be a participant again.


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