Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Enjoy Baños Slowly

I have found, in the three months that I have been here, that there are more things to do than most visitors ever consider, and a week may not be long enough see them all.

For example, you can take a taxi and race through the “Avenue of the Waterfalls” in two hours for $18, or take a bicycle and do it in a day. You can take an ATV and see it all in half a day, or you can pack a lunch and walk and visit one or two a day. You have options, but to really experience, and appreciate the beauty of this area, that changes constantly as the clouds pass overhead, takes time. You would never believe that there were so many shades of green.

Baños is not just a place for the river runner or backpacker looking for thrills and adventure, it is also a place for artists and photographers, nature lovers of all types and, an ideal place to seclude oneself to write a book.

I started out one Saturday morning and walked to the dam, it was mostly down hill and I knew that whenever I wanted to go back I could catch the urban bus for $0.21 cents and be back in town in 15 minutes. On the way I took a side trip to see three of the waterfalls that are a thirty-minute walk from the hiway. On the way, six horses and one 4-wheeler passed me. One girl on a bicycle turned around halfway up. The trail was a little to steep to ride so instead of pushing the bike she turned around. On the way back to the hiway I met a farmer going to town and he told me that of all the modes of transportation the tourist use to see these places the car is the worst.

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