Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tungurahua Is Causing Concern.....Mostly for the farmers.

In the past few weeks the activity of Tungurahua has increased. It is spewing a lot of ash and for a couple of days last week the winds shifted to the east and gave Baños a little dusting.

The newspapers have been giving it a little more coverage then usual and that of course effects tourism. The first two weeks of this month are the fiestas that mark the anniversary of its founding. This is always a busy time of year and this year the numbers are way down. Let's hope the next two weeks will be better.

The farmers who grow their crops on the side of the mountain are getting so much ash that it is causing damage. These poor people who lost so much just one year ago are getting discouraged....They are tough people but there is just so much a mind and body can take.

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