Saturday, September 29, 2007

A New Beginning at Katitawa School

September the 4Th marked the beginning of our second year of English classes at Katitawa. Although we had five graduate we still have six of the older kids returning. Four of the six are doing exceptionally well and it is great to see their progress.

We also have four of the littlest kids who have moved up from the kindergarten. Last year we had two one and a half hour sessions per week and now we have a one hour class everyday. Since we are a small school we are able to limit the classes to four children per class which is great for teaching a new language to kids who already speak Spanish and their native Kichwa. For the rest of the story click here.and you will be linked to the Katitawa School site.

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  1. hi robert! i sent you an email... it's great to see the kids in those pictures... i am having a rough time adjusting to the grueling grad school schedule back in the states, but i am trying to come back to ecuador ASAP (as i said in my email)... i hope to hear from you soon... keep up the good work!