Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Biblioteca Rosa Maria

The new sign over the door of the library in Salasaca village.

One of the on-going projects that the volunteers are working on is the setting up of a library in Salasaca village. The library will serve as a place where the children and adults alike can go in the evenings to read and supplement their classes at Katitawa school.

The beginning stages of the library.

So far most of the books in the library have been donated by friends and family of the volunteers. We have also had some money donated towards the library, which went to buying books. We bought these books in "Libreria Española" on Av. Colon in Quito (Thanks to the staff there for their help and discounts offered!) Finally, the "English Book Store" on Calle Calama in Quito has donated some children's books.

As always, anyone interested in helping out can hit the "Make A Donation" button.

Enda, Robert and John outside the library.

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