Thursday, August 31, 2006

Beautiful Day In Baños

The weather has been wonderful this past week in Baños. The skies have been almost cloudless and the temperature warm. The volcano continues to be activ emitting a small amount of gas, ash and small amounts of lava that dribble down the western slope for a short distance, however in Baños, this all goes unnoticed since the winds take all the ash to the West and from the city center the view of the crater is obscured.

There are a few tourists, but only a fraction of what normally are here this time of year. Everyone is looking forward to an increase of locals from Ambato and Quito on the weekend.

I did get my first look at the new DVD that is now available of the recent eruptions. The vendors on the streets are selling it for $1.00. I am going to include one of these videos with each of Lorenzo's tapestries.

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  1. Hello Roberto,
    We had planned on spending 2-3 days there until the volcano woke-up. We were going to go directly to Riobamba, but thanks to your excellent updated information a day trip to Banos is planned for now.