Wednesday, November 10, 2004

New and Different least for me.

There is an abundance of fruits and vegetables in this area of Ecuador. Many common to most parts of the world but there are more than a few that are native to this part of the world. I will be updating this section with pictures as they are made available to me. Unlike many parts of the world where poor land management and over production has depleted the vitamin and mineral content of many vegetables, as far as I know now, the fruits and vegetables grown here are packed with both.

The Tree Tomato

The tree tomato, or tomate de arbol as it is known here in Ecuador is believed to be native to Peru, Chile and Ecuador. It is an egg shaped fruit (two to three inches long,) that is available all year in the local markets throughout the country. It has many vitamins and minerals and contains 1.5 percent protein. It is also high in vitamin c but most of that is lost when it is cooked. So it is best to eat raw. The pealing is not tasty so I found by cutting in half and scooping out the contents with a spoon, the easiest way to enjoy this tasty fruit. They are also great in a blended fruit drink. Cost $0.05-$0.10 each. If you want to know more about this exotic fruit click here. Everything from its history, how to grow, along with recipes and nutritional values.

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