Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Visa Requirements for Ecuador.


There are no visa requirements for citizens of most countries to visit Ecuador. When you first enter the country as a tourist tell the immigration officer how long you would like to stay...up to 90 days. If you would like to stay longer, (up to 180 days in any calendar year), you must go to the Jefatura Provincial de Migracion, in one of the following locations that is most convenient. In Quito, Isla Seymour 44-174 and Rio Coca. Telephone 224-47510. In Guayaquil, Av. Rio Daule by the bus terminal. Telephone 229-7004. In Cuenca, Luis Cordero 662, between Presidente Cordova and Juan Jarmillo. Telephone 831020.

Foreign nationals may apply to settle in Ecuador and obtain resident status. Resident visas are approved by the Immigration Board in Ecuador. The documentation process takes at least 4 to 8 weeks.
There are a number of different resident visa categories, including:

10­I Retired persons who receive pensions from their native countries (pension from a stable source, at least USD 8,000 per year).

10­II Real estate and securities investors who are willing to invest in Ecuador the equivalent of at least 350 minimum monthly general salaries (S.M.V.G.), plus 100 SMVG per dependant, or amount specified by Consular Officer (in the U.S. at least USD 15,000).

10­III Investors in industry who wish to export agricultural products, livestock, or minerals, provided they bring capital the equivalent of at least 600 minimum monthly general salaries to Ecuador, or amount specified by Consular Officer (in the U.S. at least USD 25,000).

10­IV Companies with foreign local agents who possess unlimited power of attorney to represent the company in Ecuador, provided that 80% of the company's local personnel are Ecuadorian.

10­IV Technicians or technical experts under contract with a company established in Ecuador.

10­V Professionals with university degrees recognized by a national university, who wish to practice their profession in Ecuador. Should the applicant's profession not exist in Ecuador, the degree must be locally certified. The applicant must also fulfill the requirements for such practice (e.g. bar).

10­VI Individuals economically dependent on spouses or on a blood­related family member (family).

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    $800 per month income...only $400 per month in Panama!!

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