Sunday, June 10, 2007

Emergency Room Visit....Not a bad experience.

Sorry for the month long hiatus. I have many excuses but none of them worthy of any merit so "sorry", will have to do.

Yesterday morning I had another first hand experience with the medical procedures here in Ecuador. I was awakened at 6:30 by a phone call from a friend who had been in an automobile accident and wanted me to accompany her to the Emergency Room at the Hospital Provincial Docente Ambato.

Once there I realized why, when going to the hospital, you need a companion. The service was good, however it is a pay as you go process. The first charge was the consultation, which was $1.00. I needed to go to the cashier and pay the $1.00 and return with the receipt. After the examination they determined that the cut on the head should be sutured. I was given a list of necessary items and went to the hospital pharmacy and bought the items for mini surgery ($6.00). After that they needed an x-ray. Back to the cashier to pay the $4.00. When the medical staff was pretty sure that everything was intact we were free to go.

From what I saw, the place was clean, orderly and very affordable.

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