Friday, March 30, 2007

Sandy...I think they liked the books.

A picture is worth a lot of words.
I received this picture from Janneke that she took before she had to leave.

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  1. Hi Roberto,

    Oh my goodness, you made my day. The old saying that a
    picture speaks a thousand words is certainly true. I
    am so happy to see that the children are enjoying the

    The children in Salasaca are so eager to learn. They
    cannot learn without books and teaching supplies. I
    cannot change the poverty and lack of job
    opportunities in Salasaca, but I can help to support
    the education of the children. Hopefully, through
    education, the youth of today will make changes for
    tomorrow, and I will have helped the poverty in
    Salasaca afterall.

    I was really inspired when I visited the school and
    saw first hand what your plans and hopes were for the
    future of the school. Unfortunately, I'm not
    wealthy...that's an understatement believe me...but I
    did a poster with some of the pictures I took in
    Salasaca and copied and pasted some of your blog
    entries about the school, added comments of my own and
    put it up in my work place. I placed a plastic
    container next to it with a plea for donations for the
    school. Now, I thought I might raise $50 or so, but my
    fellow co-workers were very charitable and I was
    shocked that I received a total of $257.00. I rounded
    it off to $300 and I will send it to you this week.

    Thanks for all of your hard work, but most of all for
    your devotion.