Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why Are We Here, If Not To Help?

Have you ever wondered why you are in a certain place at any given time? I know I have, and the events of the past few weeks have given me much food for thought. Here is my story.

For the past nine months, my time has been split between Margarita Ville in San Francisco, Baños, Salasaca and Ambato. The distances are short, as it is only about 40 miles between Ambato and San Francisco, with Salasaca and Baños in between. In Ambato I am operating a small spa, that is not a very good business but I have a few customers and many have become friends.

One of my first customers was a young woman, I'll call her Magda, because that is her real name. She is an attractive 23 year old law student who is gregarious and has a great sense of humor. Everyone loves to have her around. After a few visits, I noticed that she walked a little funny and when I got to know her she told me what her problem was. She has, what they call, a congential hip. I knew what that meant because my own daughter had that problem and the only thing the saved her from having the same problem as Magda was an astute doctor who caught the problem when she was only a few months old and put her in a cast, for I believe, around six months. The result was excellent and today in her 40's she has no problems.

Over the past nine months, Magda’s problem has become worse and every step that she takes is torture. The joint that should ride comfortably in the hip socket is so far out of center that it looks like it will disjoint at any moment. She has a small motor scooter that gets her around because to walk even a block is too painful.

The answer to her problem is an operation, where they will replace the joint with some plastic parts. She is scheduled for the operation on Tuesday, which is expensive, but way below what it would cost in the United States. We are talking about $6,000. Her father lives in the southern part of Ecuador and her mother is in Columbia. They are doing everything they can to raise the money but are still short. I told her that I would see what I could do to raise the extra money and to make sure the operation takes place as scheduled, I would guarantee the amount that was missing.

So today I was thinking, just maybe this was the reason I came to Ambato. To help make it possible for Magda to walk, run and dance again.

If anyone who reads this blog regularly or even for the first time is moved to donate to the fund....feel free to push the “donate” button.

If you are so inclined, say a little prayer for Magda on Tuesday. Thanks.

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